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CBC Resources is committed to providing the most inclusive information for a candidate that is considering a position with one of our clients. We recognize that making a change is not always easy. The ability of our staff to recognize your strengths and interests is what allows us to make the right connection between you and our clients.

The following are several guidelines that we encourage every candidate to consider when preparing to make a change. Always remember, preparation leads to enthusiasm and confidence!

Considering a change?

•Ask yourself “why you are looking?”

•What type of company/position is most appealing to you?

•What are your career goals?

•Are you open to travel/relocation?

Preparing for an Interview?

•Do your homework on the company you are interviewing with.

•Have your resume updated at all times.

•Have a list of questions prepared for the interview.

•Be prepared to discuss why you are interested in this change.


•Speak clearly and concisely, always remember to answer the question asked.

•Do not be afraid to ask questions.

•If you are interested in the position, let the potential employer know that and give reasons why.

•Never discuss compensation expectations unless asked.

Follow up with your recruiter

•Share your thoughts regarding the interview process with your recruiter while it is still fresh in your mind.

•Rate your interest level on a scale of one to ten. What would make it a ten?

•Talk about your salary expectations in regards to making this change.

•Make note of questions that you did not get the opportunity to ask. Quite often the recruiter can provide you with those answers quickly.

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